How can I become an Approved Inspector?

Approved Inspectors are certified by the Government’s designated body, the Construction Industry Council (CIC). Once you have been certified by the CIC, you can then apply for membership of the ACAI.
The CIC route to qualification involves four stages:


1. Application

The first step is to complete an application form, which involves demonstrating knowledge in six core areas that are vital to meet the responsibilities of an Approved Inspector:

  • Building Regulations and statutory control
  • Construction technology and materials
  • Fire studies
  • Foundation and structural engineering
  • Building service and environmental engineering

2. Pre-qualification verification

On receipt of an application the CIC registrar checks for gaps in experience or qualifications that may block the application or cause delays later on.

This check may involve seeking clarification from the applicant or others.


3. Admissions panel

The applicant then becomes a candidate for Approved Inspector.

A panel of professional assessors consider the application to determine whether the candidate has demonstrated the necessary experience and knowledge to merit an interview.


4. Professional interview

Candidates are called for a professional interview before a panel consisting of three expert assessors assisted by the CIC registrar.

This is the final stage of assessment and is an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and experience, expanding on the information provided in their application.

Following successful completion of the Approved Inspector application process, the candidate is invited to register as an Approved Inspector.

Approval lasts five years, after which AIs must reapply and undergo the same process.

Click here to visit the CIC website for more information and application forms to become an Approved Inspector.