Approved Inspector Procedure

Competition in the building control market has been in place for more than 25 years and has worked very well, raising standards and dramatically improving the customer service you get.

Building Regulations remain the same, whichever building control service provider you choose to use. You will still be responsible for ensuring your project complies with Building Regulations, and no side is more ‘lenient’ than another.

But you do have a choice about what sort of help and specialist support you want – and this is where Approved Inspectors can offer a range of services.

Building owner accepts fee quote by formally appointing Approved Inspector

You will find that most Approved Inspectors’ support teams are available during working hours.

When comparing services, confirm opening hours and how easy it is to speak to someone as delays could hold up works.

Approved Inspector notifies the Local Authority of their involvement in your project (Initial Notice)

This indicates the end of the competitive stage.

The Local Authority statutory Building Control role is suspended.

Local Authority accepts or rejects the Initial Notice. Automatic acceptance granted after five days.

Works are not to commence within these five days unless acceptance is granted.

Reasons for Rejection:

  • works already commenced
  • Building owner accepts fee quote by formally appointed Approved Inspector
  • Another Building Control Body appointed

Building Owner or Agent notifies Approved Inspector when they commence works, and at agreed stages of profession to arrange inspections

The Approved Inspector will advise you how to contact them and at what stages you should arrange inspections.

You must advise when you commence works.

Building Owner/Agent provides necessary commissioning documents once works are near complete


  • Building Regulation compliance
  • Gas and/or electricity certificates
  • Glazing certificates
  • SAP report
  • Sound tests if appropriate to your project.

Approved Inspectors submit the Final Certificate to the Local Authority within 4 weeks of occupation for a commercial project and 8 weeks for a domestic project.

A copy is sent to the person carrying out the work.

Any Questions?

You can read our FAQs for further information, or alterntaively, if you’ve any questions regarding the procedure
for commissioning an Approved Inspector, please contact us.